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These are all played at lj but it won't let me post it because it's too big. Guess I've just been playing there too long. But this is pretty image heavy 180+ characters to be exact.

* = created for someone else's storyline (only pertains to non-fandom OCs)


Sydney Bristow
Ship: Sark
[profile] withthe_enemy
Big Time Rush

James Diamond
Ship: Carlos & Kendall
[profile] alwaysgetsgirl

Jamie Diamond [Rule 63]
Ship: Kendall
[profile] alwaysgetsguy
Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy Summers
Ship: Angel & Spike
[profile] buffy_chosenone

Buffy Summers [AU]
Ship: N/A
[profile] goesbyanne

Dawn Summers [AU]
Ship: N/A
[profile] beenchosen

The First Evil
Ship: N/A
[profile] iampurelyevil

Ship: N/A
[profile] his_betterhalf

Dark Willow
Ship: N/A
[profile] scournedwiccan

Cordelia Chase
Ship: Xander
[profile] abitchinheels

Kaia Summers [OC]
Ship: N/A
[profile] afutureslayer

Kaia Summers [Adult]
Ship: N/A
[profile] readytoslay

Kaia Summers [Kid]
Ship: N/A
[profile] bbslayer
Charlie's Angels

Jill Munroe
Ship: N/A
[profile] thespunkyangel

Paige Matthews
Ship: Kyle
[profile] acharmedwitch

Melinda Halliwell
Ship: N/A
[profile] thirdblessed

Peyton Halliwell [OC]
Ship: N/A
[profile] dreameroffuture

Patience Halliwell [OC]
Ship: N/A
[profile] youngestcousin
Dark Angel

Max Guevera
Ship: Alec, Zack, and White
[profile] notjust_anumber

Ship: Zane and Ben
[profile] jondy_x5210

Ship: Jack
[profile] lostlilsister

Dakota [OC]
Ship: N/A
[profile] theflirtyx5

Kennedy [OC]
Ship: Jason
[profile] kennedyx5

Taylor [OC]
Ship: Carter
[profile] bigsistertaylor

Sharada [OC]
Ship: N/A
[profile] punkrockx6

Amery White [OC]
Ship: N/A
[profile] amerywhite

Reiko [OC]
Ship: N/A
[profile] transgenicblood
Dawson's Creek

Joey Potter
Ship: Pacey
[profile] thatcreekgirl
Dead Like Me

George Lass
Ship: Mason
[profile] relucantreaper

Ship: Paul
[profile] not_a_myth
Drake & Josh

Megan Parker
Ship: N/A
[profile] lilevilgenius
Dukes Of Hazzard

Daisy Duke
Ship: Enos & Bo
[profile] hazzardgirl
Earth 2100

Ship: Josh
[profile] oldestonearth
Fraggle Rock

Red Fraggle
Ship: N/A
[profile] sportyfraggle

Emma Geller-Green
Ship: N/A
[profile] gellergreengirl
Full House

DJ Tanner
Ship: Steve
[profile] oldesttannersis

Ship: N/A
[profile] famousfatcat
General Hospital

Georgie Jones
Ship: Dillon
[profile] loveof_hislife
Ghost Whisperer

Melinda Gordon
Ship: Jim
[profile] talksto_thedead

Melinda Gordon
Ship: Jim
[profile] ghostsandangst
Harper's Island

Trish Wellington
Ship: Henry
[profile] harpersbride

Molly Walker
Ship: Micah
[profile] i_find_people

Claire Bennet
Ship: Sylar
[profile] indestructogrl
Higher Ground

Shelby Merrick
Ship: Scott
[profile] atroubledteen

Carly Shay
Ship: Freddie
[profile] webgirlcarly
Kingdom Hospital

Mary Jensen
Ship: N/A
[profile] kingdomghost
Las Vegas

Sam Marquez
Ship: Danny
[profile] bestinvegas
Looney Tunes

Marvin The Martian
Ship: N/A
[profile] blowsup_planets
The Monkees

Davy Jones
Ship: Micky & Peter
[profile] smallestmonkee
The Muppets

Miss Piggy
Ship: Kermit
[profile] dontcallmeapig
Mystery Science Theater 3000

Tom Servo
Ship: N/A
[profile] itsservo
The OC

Marissa Cooper
Ship: Ryan
[profile] damagedrichgirl
One Tree Hill

Peyton Sawyer
Ship: Lucas
[profile] torturedartistx

Peyton Sawyer
Ship: Lucas
[profile] wrappedinabitch

Brooke Davis
Ship: Julian
[profile] theyalwayslunge

Haley James
Ship: Nathan
[profile] tutorsister
The Others

Marian Kitt
Ship: Mark
[profile] imnotoneofthem
The Partridge Family

Laurie Partridge
Ship: Keith
[profile] arockgoddess

Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald
Ship: Ethan
[profile] believerinfate

Kay Bennett
Ship: Miguel & Fox
[personal profile] bennettwitch

Fancy Crane
Ship: Noah & Luis
[profile] craneheiress

Endora Lenox
Ship: N/A
[profile] lilwitchlet
Port Charles

Alison Barrington
Ship: Rafe
[profile] marriedanangel
Pretty Little Liars

Wren Kim
Ship: Spencer
[profile] wrongsisfirst
Rainbow Brite

Rainbow Brite
Ship: N/A
[profile] keeperofcolors

Ship: N/A
[profile] imaskydancer

Liz Parker
Ship: Max
[profile] roswellianliz

Isabel Evans
Ship: Alex
[profile] antarianroyal

Callie Evans [OC]
Ship: N/A
[profile] leftnormal

Ashley Magnus
Ship: Will
[profile] akillerinstinct
Saved By The Bell

Kelly Kapowski
Ship: Zack
[profile] baysidesweetie

Lana Lang
Ship: Clark
[profile] xperfectflawsx

Lana Luthor [AU]
Ship: Clark
[profile] imhisjuliet

Maia Kent [OC]
Ship: N/A
[profile] kryptodaughter
South Park

Kyle Broflovski
Ship: Stan
[profile] alonelyjew

Adam Milligan
Ship: Dean & Sam
[profile] 3rdwinchester

Adam Milligan
Ship: Dean & Sam
[profile] baby_winchester

Anna Milton
Ship: Dean & Castiel
[profile] fallenbychoice


Ship: Sam
[profile] wolfgrl_madison

Madison Owens [AU]
Ship: Sam
[profile] his_savinggrace
That 70's Show

Donna Pinciotti
Ship: Eric
[profile] jugs_apoppin
V (1983)

Julie Parrish
Ship: Donovan
[profile] leadsresistance
Veggie Tales

Larry The Cucumber
Ship: N/A
[profile] larrythcucumber
Warehouse 13

Joshua Donovan
Ship: N/A
[profile] loveofphysics

Shane Botwin
Ship: Silas
[profile] pervybotwin
The X-Files

Samantha Mulder [AU]
Ship: N/A
[profile] littlestmulder

Madison McBride
Ship: Brandon
[profile] im_notcrazy

Ship: N/A
[profile] daddyxissues
AvP: Alien vs Predator

Lex Woods
Ship: N/A
[profile] serpenthunter

Flower [AU]
Ship: N/A
[profile] not_aflower

Carrie White
Ship: Tommy
[profile] notlikemom

Cinderella [AU]
Ship: Prince Charming
[profile] nothermaid
The Covenant

Caleb Danvers
Ship: Pogue
[profile] ipswichson

Charlie McGee
Ship: Vincent
[profile] i_startfires
Flowers In The Attic

Cathy Dollanganger
Ship: Chris
[profile] wasdaddysfave

Ship: N/A
[profile] willslimeyou
Hallowed Ground

Elizabeth Chambers
Ship: N/A
[profile] notthechosenone

Jamie Lloyd
Ship: N/A
[profile] strodedaughter
The Hamiltons

Darlene Hamilton
Ship: Wendell
[profile] thecrazytwin
The Hitcher

Grace Andrews
Ship: Jim
[profile] icansurvivethis
I Know What You Did Last Summer

Julie James
Ship: Ray & Will
[profile] not_a_victim2
The Legend Of Blood Mary

Mary Worth
Bloody Mary

Ship: N/A
[profile] doubelieveinme

Ship: N/A
[profile] dontstealmygold
Men In Black

The Worm Guys
Ship: N/A
[profile] welovecoffee
The Monster Squad

Phoebe Crenshaw
Ship: N/A
[profile] frankiesfriend

Teen!Phoebe Crenshaw
Ship: N/A
[profile] frankiesmyhero
Night at the Museum

Kali Adams [OC]
Ship: Ahkmenrah
[profile] lovesegyptmyths
Planet Terror

Cherry Darling
Ship: El Wray
[profile] oneleggeddancer
Rest Stop

Nicole Carrow
Ship: Jess
[profile] im_stillhere
Sam's Lake

Ship: Jesse
[profile] livesforthehunt
Scream series

Casey Becker
Ship: N/A
[profile] deadgirlcasey

Ship: N/A
[profile] killeronshrooms
Star Wars

Luke Skywalker
Ship: Han
[profile] isjustlikedad

Luke Skywalker
Ship: Anakin
[profile] wantstbelikedad
Taken miniseries

Allie Keys
Ship: N/A
[profile] lilaliengirl

Teen!Allie Keys
Ship: N/A
[profile] teenaliengirl

Tamara Riley
Ship: N/A
[profile] xboundbylovex

Emmett Cullen
Ship: Rosalie & Jacob
[profile] hermonkey_man
Breath of Fire

Princess Nina
Ship: Ryu
[profile] awingedprincess

Ship: N/A
[profile] grantsonewish
Evolution Worlds

Linear Cannon
Ship: Mag
[profile] theancientpower
Greywalker series

Harper Blaine
Ship: N/A
[profile] iamagreywalker

Taylor Lautner
Ship: KStew, RobPattz, TSwift
[profile] justplaysone

Misha Collins
Ship: Jensen
[profile] hasminions

Harry Styles
Ship: Louis
[profile] bandflirt

Ship: Ares
[profile] lovexnotwar

Ship: Osiris
[profile] amothertoall

Ship: N/A
[profile] obsidiangod

Ship: N/A
[profile] lostcityroyal

Bloody Mary
Ship: N/A
[profile] doubelieveinme
Original Characters

Mika Sullivan
Ship: N/A
[profile] bornforgood

Allie McIntyre
Ship: boyfriend
[profile] hiddenbruises

Kayla Martin
Ship: N/A
[profile] iwasborntotry

Kylia Erikson
Ship: boyfriend
[profile] thesweetestgrl

Katie Maxwell
Ship: boyfriend
[profile] allamerican_grl

Charlotte Adams
Ship: Jake
[profile] lostwith_outher

Ashleigh Mueller
Ship: Brandon
[profile] nothislilgirl

Claire Reading*
Ship: N/A
[profile] sees_the_future

Tori Adams
Ship: Jason
[profile] notavicky

Meghan Reed*
Ship: N/A
[profile] outof_theloop

Cody Andrews
Ship: best friend
[profile] gayforhim

Parker Evans*
Ship: Aislinn
[profile] herrightone

Kylie Maxwell*
Ship: onscreen love interest
[profile] diesonscreen

Katelynn Michaels
Ship: boyfriend
[profile] issecretlyhis

Nick Meyers
Ship: Stacy's mom
[profile] wantsstacysmom

Alexa Townsend
Ship: soulmate
[profile] hisinapastlife

Alexa Townsend [Past Life]
Ship: soulmate
[profile] reallifejuliet

Karlie Watson
Ship: boyfriend
[profile] neverfeltthis

Alex Hawkins
Ship: girlfriend
[personal profile] itmeantnothing

Dakota Riley
Ship: N/A
[profile] isnotagroupie

Justin Matthews
Ship: cop partner
[profile] wonthurther

Evan Parker
Ship: boyfriend
[profile] isquestioningit

Adam Nichols*
Ship: boyfriend
[profile] notreadytcommit

Nick Sanders
Ship: Matt
[profile] alwayslovedhim

Chris Graham
Ship: fiance
[profile] found_theone

Allison Marx
Ship: boyfriend
[profile] notwhosheseems

Cate Wilson
Ship: girlfriend
[profile] alwayswrongones

Jenna Carlson
Ship: boyfriend
[profile] withthewrongman

Kyle Cooper
Ship: neighbor
[profile] knowsnoone

Callie Alexander
Ship: N/A
[profile] doesntbelieve

Ben Davis
Ship: best friend
[profile] hidingitfromhim

Jordan Reilly
Ship: boyfriend

Logan Meyers
Ship: professor
[profile] canthideit

Tyler Richards
Ship: Chase
[profile] cant_befixed

Brian James
Ship: his boss
[profile] wontdoitanymore

James Alexander
Ship: boyfriend
[profile] toeasemymind

Josh Martin
Ship: friend
[profile] stillneedshim

Josh Martin*
Ship: Shawn
[personal profile] theonehetrusts

Noah Hastings
Ship: best friend
[profile] gladitshim

Aiden Tyler
Ship: boyfriend
[profile] usedtbestraight

Sasha London
Ship: Brady
[profile] hookeduptwice

Kayla Roberts
Ship: N/A
[profile] teamjacobrockz

Aiden Maxwell
Ship: Tristen
[profile] cantlethimknow

Cody Townsend
Ship: Ryan
[profile] hidingasecret

Sasha London
Ship: husband
[profile] fightingingrief

Katrina Maxwell
Ship: N/A
[profile] losttheone

Erin Montgomery
Ship: N/A
[profile] wantstosurvive

Ship: N/A
[profile] madeinoctober

Ship: Cupid
[profile] knowsyourfate

Chase Owens
Ship: best friend
[profile] willing_towait

Alex Donovan
Ship: Greg
[profile] doesitformoney

Jake Walker
Ship: Devin
[profile] wontmakemistake

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